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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance - Members Platform

This platform will also serve as a tool enabling matchmaking between those Alliance members who want to participate in the matchmaking.

The first opportunity for matchmaking will be in the afternoon of the second day of the Forum; further matchmaking sessions will be organised throughout the next months.

Matchmaking will take place in two formats:

  • On the one hand, this platform offers the possibility to request 1:1 meetings by sending an invitation to another participant (which can be custom-searched under the "participants" tab). These 1:1 meetings are pre-set for a duration of 20 minutes and take place through an integrated video-call tool. The two involved participants will be able to add more participants (e.g. colleagues from their own company or project partners) to the call.
  • On the other hand, open room matchmaking sessions will be organised that can accommodate up to 30 participants (on a first-come-first-serve basis). Link to these sessions can be found under the "Agenda" item.

To make your matchmaking experience as effective and useful as possible, please describe your company or project and your interests in cooperation in as much detail as possible. The mandatory registration form only asks for information about your company; more detailed information and specific needs and offers (projects, know-how, funding) can be indicated as "my opportunities" under the "Marketplace" tab.

Matchmaking information will only be visible to other Alliance members registered on this platform.

Please take note of the Guidelines for Competition Law Compliance within the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

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