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European Clean Hydrogen Alliance - Members Platform

All registered members of the Alliance (CEO and Sherpa level) will receive an email with a personalised link allowing them to register for the Forum. Should Alliance members wish to sign up additional colleagues (as far as places are available), they are invited to send an email to GROW-HYDROGEN-PLATFORM@ec.europa.eu.

All registered participants are automatically signed up for all main sessions of the Forum. Additional registration is required for matchmaking sessions that will be announced later. 

Once a Forum session begins, you will be able to click on "join online session" to follow the livestream.

Under the tab "participants", you will be able to see and search for other participants and organisations, and send messages to them.

Matchmaking participants can additionally set up matchmaking meetings. Under the tab "marketplace", they can add projects on which they seek cooperation and see the projects of other Alliance members.

If you erroneously signed up as a "Hydrogen Forum Participant" but would like to participate in the matchmaking, please reach out to us via GROW-HYDROGEN-PLATFORM@ec.europa.eu.

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Participants 820
Meetings 522


Algeria 1
Australia 1
Austria 30
Belgium 183
Bulgaria 24
Canada 1
Croatia 9
Cyprus 3
Czech Republic 14
Denmark 28
Estonia 20
Finland 32
France 151
Georgia 1
Germany 246
Greece 16
Hungary 5
Ireland 6
Italy 151
South Korea 1
Latvia 9
Lithuania 5
Luxembourg 17
Malta 1
Netherlands 83
Norway 35
Poland 59
Portugal 54
Romania 16
Singapore 1
Slovakia 15
Slovenia 11
South Africa 1
Spain 202
Sweden 29
Switzerland 23
Turkey 17
Ukraine 35
United Kingdom 21
United States 3
Total 1560


Company 1032
R&D organisation 110
Investor/financial institution 34
Civil society organisation 21
Association/Agency 154
Regional authority 41
National authority, Ministry 52
EU Institutions 31
Other 86
Total 1561

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